Thursday, April 24, 2014

Classes and Events

October Fun..

So many fun and entertaining classes and events coming up… check out the calendar... 

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Good Eats..

Bread Class. 10.01.13

Basic bread making at its finest!! Come and explore the fun and ease of classic breads.... 

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View from the Door

Change is a good thing…

Well, it’s been fits and starts, but we are all moving forward in a cohesive manner that will benefit both body and hopefully soul..  Read More →

Coming out of Darkness….

Hello everyone.. Caution: If hearing or reading about someone bearing their true innermost thoughts makes you uncomfortable, don’t read this:   If you truly appreciate the human condition, then you might find something positive here. When I first built out the studio,  I had a single, very simple purpose in mind. I created a space where I could... [Read more]

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